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PCB Assembly for the Energy and Utility Industry

If you work in the energy or utility fields providing power or needed resources to local residences or businesses, you know how vital printed circuit boards can be. PCB assembly for the energy industry and utilities must meet extremely high standards of reliability and quality to make sure those who depend upon your resources always get what the need without interruption.

Energy and Utility PCB Assembly and Contract Manufacturing

When you have a business involving energy and utility products that rely on PCBs, it’s essential that you work with a company that specializes in expert assembly for energy PCBs and PCB assembly for utilities. If you work with someone who understands the specific needs of your industry, you can focus on making sure your business runs smoothly rather than worrying about product or application failure or unwarranted downtime.

SMT for printed circuit board in energy and utility devices
When it comes to utility and energy industry PCB assembly services in central Pennsylvania, that expert company you will want to call on is Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd. With more than 20 years providing high-quality, reliable PCB assembly for a variety of industries — including energy and utilities — you can be confident we can meet your PCB supply needs.

In addition to assembling and supplying your energy PCBs, we can serve as your full contract manufacturing partner, helping you find the parts you need, doing inspections or testing and shipping your product to its final destination.

PCBs in Energy and Utility Devices

We have the know-how to provide you with the right assembled printed circuit boards for your full range of energy or utility devices using PCBs, from solar arrays and wind turbines to various utility control systems, pumps, robotics and more. The number of applications that utilize or benefit from PCB technology is only growing, and we are here to help you meet the demand.

PCB Assembly for Energy and Utility Applications

Many current energy and utility PCB-containing devices feature surface mount technology (SMT) circuit boards, which allow you to make smaller, lighter, more convenient and cost-effective devices in a short time. Our expertise when it comes to SMT circuit board assembly is virtually unmatched. We meet or exceed industry standards for assembling these PCBs and can provide them to you quickly while maintaining a very high level of quality.

Although we are experts in SMT assembly, we can quickly and effectively assemble all kinds of PCBs, including your standard conventional thru-hole design. If you are not sure which PCB assembly is right for you and your project, one of our PCB experts will be happy to help you figure it out.

Our Commitment to Quality Control

We know you can’t afford to have any lapse in quality when it comes to the PCBs in your energy or utility devices. That’s why you come to us, and it’s why we do full quality control testing in the same location as where the assembly takes place — our dedicated facility in York, PA, right here in the U.S. We are an ISO 9001-registered company, so you know you can count on the quality of our products.