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Industrial Contract Manufacturing & Electronic Assembly Services

There are few manufacturing sectors that don’t rely on electronic or PCB components. Fortunately, with our advanced capabilities and highly-skilled staff, Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd is fully qualified to provide industrial electronic assembly services for any demanding client.

Some of the industries we serve include:


Medical devices must be compact, sanitary and, above all, reliable. The electromechanical components that go into pumps, robotics, power supplies and other products require expertise to manufacture correctly. Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd has FDA registration so you can rest assured that we follow every FDA regulation during our manufacturing process. Contact Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd for dedicated service based on your specific requirements.

Telecom and Communications

Our telecom industry services include component assembly for everything from consumer electronics to infrastructure. We offer complete turnkey services including PCB assembly, contract manufacturing and more.

Industrial and Commercial Equipment

We provide both prototyping and short-run production of components for a range of general manufacturing applications. We can meet the specific requirements associated with home appliances, consumer electronics and a range of other goods.

Construction and Heavy Equipment

Construction equipment has become increasingly complex with the introduction of onboard computers, GPS systems and other components. Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd construction industry electronic assembly services are ideal for controls for heavy equipment, hand tools, cranes, wiring, cable assemblies and switches.

Energy and Utilities

You’ll find PCB components manufactured at Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd in motion sensors, temperature controls, monitoring equipment and other devices used in the energy and utility sectors.

Traffic and Transportation

In addition to Tier I and Tier II suppliers, we also manufacture components for marine vessels, recreational vehicles, traffic infrastructure and more. Count on us for reliable products that keep people and goods moving safely.


Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd often collaborates with engineers and designers to build customized electronics for lighting, elevator controls, HVAC automation systems and other devices that go into today’s modern buildings. Our ability to turn around short-run projects of less than 50,000 units makes us an ideal partner for this increasingly demanding sector.

Colleges and Universities

Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd is a small batch manufacturer, so we can focus on producing high-quality products for technology with under 50,000 components. Our process is organized to provide a convenient, customized service for your institution.


PCBs used for maritime applications must also be able to withstand harsh conditions. Manufacturers of maritime PCBs emphasize reliability as it’s essential for the safety of the crew and passengers that electronic equipment works correctly.


The move to LED and other environmentally-friendly lighting systems requires specialized controls and switches. Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd offers full support from the design and layout stages onward and will work with you to create innovative, cost-effective automation solutions for any lighting component.

Electronic Systems and Process Controls

Our industrial electronic assembly services can benefit manufacturers and other organizations with specific process control requirements. We can develop timers and other components that integrate with your heating and cooling, machining, positioning and other tools.