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Medical Device PCB Assembly and Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Medical device industry manufacturers — including those that manufacture high performance electronic medical devices and other electronic devices — are required to meet strict sanitary and quality control benchmarks. If your device includes printed circuit boards or other electronics, this presents an additional challenge. The best way to minimize risk is to work with a medical device circuit board manufacturer that has experience in your industry.

Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd has been providing the medical equipment industry with PCB electronic assembly services and contract manufacturing since 1995. We are FDA-registered and follow all relevant best practices during the circuit board assembly process. As a result, we are an electronic medical device manufacturer that is uniquely equipped to help you bring to market reliable pumps, robotics, power supplies and other medical devices.
Medical Equipment with Circut Boards
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Our PCB Assembly and Design Process

The medical device field is just one of many industries that has come to rely on printed circuit boards for highly specialized equipment. As a leader in the PCB Manufacturing industry, Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd is fully capable of meeting the stringent requirements of the health and medical field when it comes to PCB assembly.

Prototyping and Custom Design Preparation for PCBs

The process our engineers use to set components can be automated for high-volume orders. However, specialized medical equipment often calls for more customization. Our team is fully equipped to meet any unique requirements you have as we assemble your circuit boards in small batches with superior attention to detail.

At Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd, we use exclusive PCB design software to ensure that each PCB component is positioned for maximum efficiency and quality assurance. After prototyping, PCB assembly is our next step.

Placing and Setting Components

Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd has a cost-effective, efficient system for placing and setting electronic components on the surfaces of printed circuit boards. We use surface mount technology, which is commonly referred to as SMT. This powerful assembly process allows us to meet the unique requirements of the medical field during circuit board assembly.

Through SMT, the engineers at Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd are able to create higher connection densities and increasingly complex circuit systems in smaller assemblies for precise medical equipment.

Completing the Final Inspection

We always manufacture PCB units in small batches, which allows our staff to perform quality assurance checks at several critical moments throughout the design and manufacturing process. Our PCB assembly process ends with a final inspection using Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) or X-ray inspection. Our 1 Mirtec MV-3L and 1 Mirtec MV 3 OMNI 3D machines accurately detect soldering and component-level errors. Our X-ray inspection station features digital control, an X-Y table and an image intensifier. This technology enables our engineers to ensure the high level of quality necessary for medical applications.

Our Specialty PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

The unparalleled experience of our highly trained staff sets us apart from our competitors, but our state-of-the-art facility is also a major factor in our industry-leading manufacturing capabilities. We operate in a 20,000-square-foot facility with approximately 4,000 square feet of office and engineering space. Our sizable facility and top-notch equipment allows our engineering staff to manufacture components and units in small to medium batches to ensure superior quality.

Sri Alliance Mechatronics Pvt Ltd is one of only a few companies registered with the FDA for the express purpose of printing circuit boards and assemblies for applications within the health and medical field. In fact, we’re the only company that can produce a 4-foot continuous LED circuit board. The medical industry has strict requirements when it comes to safety, reliability and cleanliness — and Sri Alliance Mechatronics is prepared to meet all of them.